EnTRAINER aims to introduce a paradigm shift from conventional energy audits to a new, holistic and complete methodology of “Energy Transition Audits” (ETA). With this new approach, the main focus is to provide a multi-benefit scheme and a complete action plan towards full decarbonization of the audited sites.

EnTRAINER comprises partners with a long-standing cooperation and energy audit experts, and will focus on energy intensive industries in 4 South-East EU countries (EL, RO, IT, ES), which are lagging in the implementation of energy audits compared to other EU regions.

The holistic methodology of EnTRAINER includes training elements, in the form of 2 accredited courses for energy auditors and energy experts and 1 course for company staff. It also includes a sophisticated web-portal, with 4 new and upgraded tools, freely offered to energy professionals, and a training platform and knowledge hub that will allow a continuous interaction and knowledge sharing between participants.
A further element is the support provided to those industrial sites to actually implement the proposed audit measures, aiming to bring together top management and financing bodies and in addition to guide them to take advantage of existing and future funding opportunities.
The project will provide preliminary energy scans in 80 energy intensive industries, and then, based on certain maturity criteria, perform 40 detailed direct ETAs. The results from these ETAs will act as lighthouses for other industries of the same sector, by using the knowledge hub. EnTRAINER will train 240 Energy Auditors, and in this context, will trigger another 40 indirect ETAs through the interaction with external energy auditors. Moreover, it will train 240 energy experts that may become the future energy transition auditors, and 400 company staff including key decision makers. EnTRAINER actions will trigger 16 M € investments, 4.75 GWh primary energy savings and 5.16 GWh renewable energy generation in total.

EnTRAINER has been funded by the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) programme under the Grant Agreement No 101076424. The content of this website reflects only the consortium views and the Agency and the Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is today the largest University in Greece, with 9 Faculties, consisting of 41 Schools and about 75000 enrolled under- and postgraduate students. The teaching/research staff consists of 2300 people. Furthermore, it employs 1400 members of administrative and technical staff. The Power Systems Laboratory (PSL) is a legal entity of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Technology. The Laboratory is running since 1980 after its establishment by the Greek Law. It has been involved in more than 250 European, regional and national contractual research projects.

PSL Laboratory contact address: gpapagia@ece.auth.gr

The University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) runs 22 Departments in 5 cities of Western Macedonia. The new University was established in May 2019 under the law of synergy between Universities and TEIs, which enabled the University to redefine its role and status in the Greek academic context by remodelling new organization processes, curricula, functions and attitudes. Although it is a large university with a brief academic history in comparison with other Greek Universities, UoWM, being a new HEI, features vigour, flexibility and determination, all of which contribute to prompt decision- and policy-making processes, as well as implementation of innovative practice in the context of Greek academia.

UoWM Contact Address: gchristoforidis@uowm.gr

UniverCities is a non-profit independent association focused on bridging the gap between research and market in the urban and built environment landscape. It was born with the special focus to give continuity to Research and Innovation projects and help them to develop into market services and products that support the building sector and cities to be more sustainable, inclusive, healthy and diverse. Universities’ ambition is to accelerate and boost the research transition and to create more inclusive and environmentally friendly buildings and cities, with a close eye to the needs of the people in particular those groups which are less represented in decision-making processes.

Univercities contact address: https://univer-cities.org

The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) is a young, but leading institution (80 in the 100 Under 50 World Ranking, in 2015), made up of over 42,000 people which promotes and supports research of excellence throughout its many research institutes that form the university. Concretely, Institute for Energy Engineering (IIE) aim to address in a multidisciplinary way the different areas involved in Energy R&D and performing strategic and evaluation studies on energy planning. IIE-UPV also promotes Lifelong Learning programmes in Energy topics for students, teachers and other international institutions.

UPV Contact address: elpealpe@upvnet.upv.es

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTC) is a public university located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was founded in 1948, based on the older Industrial College. The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is classified by the Ministry of Education as an advanced research and education university. 

UTC Contact address: Entrec.Center@ethm.utcluj.ro

The CasaClima Agency is a center of excellence for energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation that is widely recognized throughout Italy and now increasingly on an international level. As a pioneering institution in this field, CasaClima has been constantly improving its standards since 2002, and has created an entire range of quality seals for building products and certifications that describe sustainable construction in a more holistic approach.

CasaClima Contact address: info@agenziacasaclima.it

Servelect is an engineering and energy service company (ESCO) from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. With over 17 years of experience, Servelect offers turnkey local energy generation and energy efficiency solutions to optimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs. So far, we have implemented more than 900 energy efficiency and local energy generation projects in Romania and Europe. Our mission is to support industry and local communities in Romania to become more efficient through integrated energy efficiency projects to impact people and the environment positively.

Servelect Contact address: marketing@servelect.ro

We are specialists in energy management. Our main asset is the multidisciplinary team of engineers that integrates BEON; experts in energy, operation and business management.

BEON Contact address: info@beonenergia.com

The main objective of EnTRAINER project is to support beneficiaries (i.e., energy intensive industries) with a holistic approach towards increasing the rate of transformation of energy audits into concrete implemented measures, and to further introduce and exploit the benefits of shifting from conventional energy audits into energy transition audits, with a clear focus on effective decarbonization action plans. Thus, energy auditors as energy service suppliers will work together with beneficiaries to define an action plan which is suitable to the local context and specific sector barriers.

The specific project objectives are listed below:
1. To propose the transformation of conventional industrial Energy Audits (EA) into energy transition audits, paving the way to reach 100% decarbonization.
2 To derive a methodology that can be adapted to the needs of each sector.
3. To enhance the skills of energy auditors to move further from conventional EA into the proposed one, which would better appeal to top managers and decision makers.
4. To go beyond conventional energy efficiency action plans and simple quantification of energy and costs savings, by proposing a roadmap for decarbonization, including short-, medium- and long-term measures.
5. To perform 80 initial energy audits (energy scans) in relevant industrial energy intensive sites
6. To perform 40 direct detailed energy transition audits in relevant industrial energy intensive sites in the4 participating countries, and thus shift the paradigm of doing conventional audits in performing energy transition audits with complete decarbonization action plans.
7. To trigger other 40 indirect energy transition audits, done by the project trained auditors, all in
industrial energy intensive sites.
8. To focus on specific types (i.e., identified by the relevant NACE code) of industries in each country,
which are energy intensive, e.g., sites/industries with relevant energy use of more than 500 toe/year (approx. 1500 tons/year of equivalent CO2 emissions). The ambition is to identify and materialize decarbonization action plans and reach zero total equivalent CO2 emissions up to 2030 – 2050.
9. To adopt the multiple benefit approach of energy audits, in order to successfully promote energy efficiency projects after the audit is conducted.
10. To design, accredit with 2 ECTS (EQF level 6), and deliver 4 specialized training/educational courses in the 4 participating countries, targeting Energy Auditors (i.e., energy transition auditors)
11. To improve the knowledge and skills of at least 240 Energy Auditors, attending the above specialized courses.
12. To design, accredit with 5 ECTS (EQF level 6), and deliver 4 specialized training/educational courses in the 4 participating countries, targeting Energy Experts.
13. Τo improve the knowledge and skills of at least 240 Energy Experts, benefiting from the above courses and from the EnTRAINER knowledge sharing hub.
14. To design and deliver 4 hands-on short-term trainings, targeting different staff categories, in the 4 participating countries.
15. To improve the skills and knowledge of at least 400 company staff members, through the above trainings and by engaging with the knowledge sharing hub.
16. To trigger at least 1.58 GWh/year primary energy savings.
17. To trigger 1.72 GWh/year renewable energy generation
18. To trigger 16 M Euro Investments in sustainable energy within the project’s lifetime
19. To integrate 2 new tools to the upgraded M&T&V and Develop 2 new additional sophisticated and advanced tools to be used in the energy transition audits, and available from the project’s web portal.
20. To introduce through the project’s web portal, a knowledge sharing hub, where different stakeholders can bring their expertise and lessons learned
21. To involve authorized energy auditors in this process, in order to trigger the replication of the energy transition audits, using auditing tools, knowledge sharing hubs and education and training programs.
22. To focus on the relation between the energy transition auditors and the clients’ people, from top decision makers to energy managers and other relevant professionals, using instruction, education and behavior changing instruments, knowledge sharing hubs and interactive communication during the energy transition audits implementation.
23. To reveal and highlight not only the direct energy savings and CO2 reduction benefits, but also the
other multiple benefits of energy efficiency

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