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funded by the Environment and Climate Action
(LIFE) programme

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SMEmPower Efficiency is a H2020 Project that empowers SME‘s to increase their energy efficiency.

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NEWSLETTER #1 - 2023 Published!

-EnTRAINER flew across Europe and met three times!
-EnTRAINER in track with its schedule
-Industries Coming on Board on 2024!
-Introducing the EnTRAINER training courses
-A message from us – come and find us!

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Energy Transition Audits towards Decarbonization

EnTRAINER aims to introduce a paradigm shift from conventional energy audits to a new, holistic and complete methodology of “Energy Transition Audits” (ETA).

Start: December 2022End: December 2025

Our Targets

Deliver Energy Audits

The EnTRAINER project will perform 80 initial energy audits (energy scans) in relevant industrial intensive sites, 40 direct detailed energy transition audits and 40 indirect energy transition audits, done by the project trained auditors, all in industrial energy intensive sites.

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Deliver Training Courses

The holistic methodology of EnTRAINER includes training elements, in the form of 2 accredited courses for energy auditors and energy experts and 1 course for company staff.

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Deliver Four Online Tools

EnTRAINER will upgrade the tools of SMEmPower and develop new ones.

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Paradigm shift towards a holistic energy transition audit methodology

EnTRAINER will establish a paradigm shift in the approach of the conventional energy audits, in order to focus on a clear pathway and action plan for the decarbonization.

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