WATCH: Paving the way to net-zero energy in industry and small and medium-sized enterprises

Explore the pioneering efforts of EnTRAINER, AUDIT2MEASURE, DEESME2050, EE4SMEs, EE4HORECA, KNOWnNEBs – Six EU funded flagship projects tackle a common challenge: spearheading decarbonisation in industrial sectors and SMEs, while advocating for clean energy transitions.

Key themes:

  1. Pitch #1 – Existing gaps and barriers in implementing energy efficiency (EE) projects. Acknowledging existing barriers, successful implementations of EE measures in real cases are assessed.  Outcomes are analysed to identify most urgent areas of intervention in existing policies and collecting new ideas on potential policy improvements.
  2. Pitch #2 – The challenges on data. A critical look at the challenges of data collection, acquisition, and their credibility. Ideas for integrating and standardising data from diverse sources to tackle significant barriers, mainly in SMEs implementing EE measures.
  3. Pitch #3 – Adding value to energy efficiency investments. Hands-on experience by all projects to discuss questions on the most effective strategies to implement energy audits and EE measures and to access financial tools, highlighting the assessment of wider non-energy benefits from EE investments.

The session is concluded featuring three esteemed experts, who will share their insights on key areas, starting from the briefings and from the inputs by the audience. The panellists are chosen to combine expertise on energy efficiency in industry, on multi-benefits and on funding schemes for EE measures, ensuring a rigorous and insightful discussion.

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