Deliver Four Online Tools

EnTRAINER will upgrade the tools of SMEmPower and develop new ones.

EnTRAINER will upgrade the tools of SMEmPower and develop new ones.

The M&T&V tool that was developed in the SMEmPower Project will be enhanced by integrating the CUSUM control. Additionaly a second tool named “Heat loss calculator” will be embedded in the M&T&V tool. The former new functionality (CUSUM control) will offer on-line supervision of the energy consumption anomalies or extreme behavioral deviations from the baseline pattern; the latter (Heat loss calculator) will provide a rough quantified estimation about the current status of the building’s thermal insulation characteristics.

Both of these new characteristics be combined with the third tool, called the “Online Energy Audit Estimator”. The goal of this tool is to offer a brief, yet valid, estimation about the energy efficiency potentials of the involved site. The tool will consist of simple questions trying to depict specific structural, infrastructural and operational characteristics of the site, in order to inform about the expected magnitude for energy savings due to energy efficiency measures. This approach is the first step to raise awareness about the application of actual energy efficiency measures before performing a detailed energy audit.

The fourth proposed tool to be developed, called “On Site Auditor”, will act as a remote portal that will facilitate the on-site surveys during the actual energy audits. New capabilities like remote integration of the audited site measurements and other information during the on- site survey (e.g., upload recorder data from power analyzers and energy meters; upload notes, photo captures, technical parameters), will be provided. Moreover, these data will be processed by the tool in order to automatically generate some parts of the energy audit reports. These new functionalities are of great importance since they facilitate the development and implementation of the proposed energy transition audits and particularly for the formulation of the long-term action plan towards decarbonization.

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