Kick-off Meeting in Thessaloniki, 16-17/01/23

On the 16th of January the EnTRAINER project kicked off.

The project is the result of joint efforts of eight EU partners, led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

EnTRAINER aims to introduce a paradigm shift from conventional energy audits to a new, holistic and complete methodology of “Energy Transition Audits” (ETA). With this new approach, the main focus is to provide a multi-benefit scheme and a complete action plan towards full decarbonization of the audited sites.

EnTRAINER comprises partners with a long-standing cooperation and energy audit experts, and will focus on energy intensive industries in 4 South-East EU countries (EL, RO, IT, ES), which are lagging in the implementation of energy audits compared to other EU regions.

The main objective of EnTRAINER project is to support beneficiaries (i.e., energy intensive industries) with a holistic approach towards increasing the rate of transformation of energy audits into concrete implemented measures, and to further introduce and exploit the benefits of shifting from conventional energy audits into energy transition audits, with a clear focus on effective decarbonization action plans. Thus, energy auditors as energy service suppliers will work together with beneficiaries to define an action plan which is suitable to the local context and specific sector barriers.

Are you interested in learning more or work with us at EnTRAINER? Please contact:

Grigoris Papagiannis, AUTH,

Agnese Riccetti,

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